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Here Are a Few of the Many Services We Offer

Ceiling Fans

Replacement or new install, if you purchase the fan, then we will install the fan.


Replacing an old bathroom or kitchen sink can help freshen up your space.


Tiling, vanities, toilets, and lighting. From demo to done, we can make your bathroom new.

Hang TVs

On brick, wood, concrete, or drywall, hanging a tv will clean up your living room.

Special Project

Do you have to open your garage door every time you start your dryer? We can fix this annoyance!

Dryer vents going into your garage causes damp walls, leading to black mold and mildew. This could cost you thousands in drywall and painting. We have the solution!

We will relocate your dryer vent to an outside wall and add a secondary lint box, so you don’t get lint on your porch or in your flower beds.

Client Testimonials

“Joshua does amazing work without trying to rip you off.”
“Joshua was timely and efficient with the work we needed done.”
“He is great! He’s very trustworthy, reasonable and knowledgeable. He’s willing to tackle and can handle just about any job around the house..”

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